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Our Team

Alexander Galchinski

     Holds an M.Sc degree in CBT therapy      Psychotherapist, expert in behavioral-cognitive therapy, organizational consultant      Owner of a Privat Clinic Steps      Has extensive experience in addiction therapy, child care, youth and family      Lecturer and mentor.
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Emil Ovsepian

Director and Founder      Director and founder of the Emil Center for Detoxification and Rehabilitation in Israel.    Has vast experience working with the population of victims of addictions.    Guides and accompanies patients and families who come to the rehabilitation center for...
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Dr. Yuri Shpak

Doctor-Narcologist    Specializes in the treatment of various types of addiction to psychoactive substances, such as opiates, benzodiazepines,    stimulants, hallucinogens and cannabinoids, including the treatment of addiction to narcotic analgesics (prescription drugs),    as well as the treatment of alcoholism.    Fluent in...
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Yael Drori

Coordinating Instructor   Skilled and experienced in treating addictions and related personality disorders.     Mentoring on external intervention program.    Expert emotional therapist for the 12-steps method.     over 10 years of experience working with the population of addiction victims    and...
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Tanya Gilat

Yoga Teacher      Practices yoga since 2000.    Certified teacher of Ashtanga and Nyasa Yoga (Shimon Ben Avi Teachers Course).    Specialization in visual imagery guidance from Ridman College.    Hydrotherapist and Rehabilitation Swimming Teacher, on behalf of Wingate College.    "The essence of yoga...
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Lina Yusim Yardeni

Psychodrama Group Therapist      Specializes in the treatment of addictions.    Expert in the field of cross-cultural gaps.    Accredited psychodrama therapist and facilitator of groups, from the Israeli Association    for Psychodrama.    Certified in Psychodrama Therapy, by Seminar HaKibbutzim College of Tel Aviv.  ...
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Dr. Isaskhar Herman

External Psychiatrist      External Psychiatrist - Works in collaboration with the Institute.    Advisor to various institutions in the field of psychiatry and addictions.    Served as head of the psychiatric counseling unit for the various departments of the Sheba Medical Center    and...
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